Golf Day

About a month ago, Pamela and I took the caravan down to Bridgenorth for a few days so that I could play golf with my old mate Dave Coleman. Dave had arranged for us to play at the home of guitar legend, and heavy metal former member of ‘Judas Priest’…..K.K. Downing. Ken now sits among many rolling acres of golf wonderfulness at his lovely estate, Astbury Hall, which is one of England’s finest championship golf courses. The course was outstanding! The golf however, was woeful. Ken has many plans for the estate, and talked of the likes of Alice Cooper, and many other famous names coming over to stay in a luxurious hotel he plans to build on the estate.

After the game, we retired to the bar in Astbury Hall for a few very welcome ciders. K K then took us upstairs to ‘the inner sanctum’ which is his studio/music room. The place overlooked the golf course, and was filled with amplifiers, speakers, loads of recording equipment, and lots of guitars. When I say lots……I mean LOTS! Anyone who knows me, knows I love guitars and this was six string Heaven! His effects rack was unbelievable!

I ended up playing a mint condition 1959 Fender Stratocaster which had to be forcibly removed from my grasp! All in all, a great day out. I hope to get over there again for another game in the not too distant future. This time, I will get some practicing in first!!

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