Del Shannon ‘The Dublin Sessions”


The album and CD finally came! I was guitarist with a band named ‘Smackee’ in the 70’s and we did a couple of tours backing Del Shannon. On the last tour, we ended up for a week in Dublin at ‘The Fiesta Club’. Del decided to record a new album whilst we were there. After the tour, Del took the recording home to try to get a release. Unfortunately, it was rejected and Del moved on to other things. The last I heard was that Jeff Lyn of ‘ELO’ fame was looking to produce it. One track was produced and I guess Del wasn’t to happy with the result. Not too long afterwards, Del spiralled down into a deep depression, and took his own life…..

Move on 40 years, and I see on Facebook that the tapes have been found, produced, and the record/CD is released! I contacted the company, and told them of my involvement in the original recordings, and they very kindly asked me to contribute to the sleeve notes. I think this is a must for any lover of rock and roll/60’s music. It’s on Amazon and other retail sites folks!

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