Six One 20’s

Had a fantastic night with the fabulous ‘Six One 20’s’ at ‘The Open Arms’ in Styvechale in Coventry last night.


I went with old mate Rog Lomas and watched an excellent band play two great sets of ‘tunes’ from both the Rockabilly and Blues genres. Four very talented guys who know their way around their instruments! My old band mate Rick Medlock playing better than ever! Rick always was a great drummer and his incredible technical abilities are tribute to the amount of time he obviously puts in practice. Very impressed also with their lead guitarist Pete (for obvious reasons) Great skills for such a young fella! 

Go see them if you get the chance.

Roger and I were chatting about playing together again. Rick Medlock said he’d be interested. Maybe we might put something out there if we can find a good bass player? After talking at length about our ailments and assorted medications, maybe we should call it ‘The Meds’??

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