Ryan Air……….my arse!

I’ve been sitting here for over an hour trying to get the Ryan Air ‘compensation’ form to work, but of course…..it bloody doesn’t! How can that eejut get everything so damn wrong? Pilot rotas mix up??? What a divvy!! You have to feel sorry for the poor folk in his employ though. I bet there were lots of tears and hissy fits on the flight deck when the news broke. I bet the girls were really upset too!!

Now Monarch have gone belly up. Pamela and I have used them many times over the last three decades, but they have constantly struggled. Of course, the ‘Remainers’ will be throwing their hands up in the air! “I told you so!” but the truth is, Monarch have been in trouble for a very long time and it wasn’t such a big surprise to me.

We have now got our return tickets for our holiday in January with ‘Jet 2.com’. Needless to say, I will be watching their web site with a certain amount of interest in the coming months………..

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