2nd Amendment

Yet another massacre in The United States. Another maniac who’s name will be etched in history thanks to The USA’s ridiculous gun laws. An edict written in 1791 when the flintlock was state of the art! A law written to regulate the militias from each state in a young and emerging country. 

This guy had 23 guns, some with scopes, military-grade ammo, two guns with tripods and at least one which was  fully automatic. Other semi-auto weapons had been modified with perfectly legal parts which allowed fully automatic fire! He also had 19 other guns, as well as explosives and ‘undetermined electronic devices’ at his home. 

Forgetting the ridiculous 2nd amendment for a while, where were the checks on what this guy was buying? Surely it’s within the wit and wisdom of a great nation to have weapons marked or chipped somehow? Buyers weapons made to be scanned to a central database so that these nutters ‘flag up’ on a FBI computer somewhere? 

If not, its time the NRA realised that if the original edict had included a few more words to mention by name the militias for whom it was intended, this terrible situation, and many others would never have happened…….

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