Another Hiatus……


Its that time of year again when many people get sniffles and colds, and I usually get at least one. I can deal with the runny nose/sneezing etc. It’s the effect it has on my damn hiatus hernia that has me in bits! The hernia seems to inflame and the ‘cold’ just flows jnto my lungs. Just talking is bad enough, but singing is a nightmare!

After a real struggle onstage in Fearnham and at the ‘meet & greet’ afterwards,  I spent the rest of the night at home bolt upright in the armchair, trying my best to sleep, but failing miserably…..

Tonight the show moves on to Skegness, and then we have the long trek to Preston and back tomorrow. ‘Dr Theatre’ really needs to kick in for both these occasions….

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  1. That’s exactly what happened to me last year and the coughing caused me to trap a nerve.The pain was horrendous for six months and it will be painful for the rest of my life, and will get worse according to the neurosurgeon. I took myself to the hospital two weeks ago because I got the chest infection again. Seriously, Mick, if you are in any doubts get yourself to your GP or the hospital. Believe me, it’s not worth trying to be brave. It’s ruined my life.

    • Back brace seems to have done the trick Steve! To be honest, I’ve given up on the medical profession as I have had so many problems with my neuropathy and have been told to go away and live with it as there is “nothing to be done……..”

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