Coventry….City Of Culture!

It was a very good day yesterday. I’d had an awful night’s sleep, but made up for it when my Daughter dropped off my 16 month old Grandson Jaxon for Pamela and I to look after for the day. He was like me, a little tired and ‘niggly’ so I bundled him up in his favourite blanket, sat him next to me on the sofa, and two hours later, we both woke up and wondered what the heck had happened!

Refreshed, I drove The Fortunes to the tour gig in Malvern and received a great reception from a packed audience. Coming off stage, I saw that my adopted home town of Coventry had won the race for ‘City Of Culture’! This is excellent news for a city which has been much maligned over many years. After the second world war, the city centre was designed in my opinion, as a soulless empty place, surrounded by a ring road which is terrifying to the unanitiated! Many plans to energise and re-vitalise the city centre have been mooted over the years, but the money was never forthcoming. I hope now that the city will realise it’s potential and growth will return, both in the shape of jobs, and finance.

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