22nd September 2017 michaelsmitham 5

Well, after much deliberation, soul searching, and pretty loud discussion, I have just booked The Fortunes a short tour in Australia. We leave these shores […]

Beach Holiday

17th September 2017 michaelsmitham 0

After a nightmare beginning, we eventually made it to Portugal, thanks to the good folk at Monarch. I think Ryan Air and West Midlands Airport […]

Nearly there….

13th September 2017 michaelsmitham 0

Up at 3.00am this morning and taxi waiting at 4.30am to take us to Birmingham Airport. Incredible winds lashing the countryside and my thoughts were […]

Crazy Weekend!

30th August 2017 michaelsmitham 0

Last Saturday saw us working in the fantastic setting which is Littlecote House in Hungerford. It’s a Warners Hotel which caters for an adults only […]


15th August 2017 michaelsmitham 0

One of the benefits of caravanning, are the wonderful  views. After a frantic setting up the night before, it’s so nice waking up early and […]